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...Finally, after nearly seventy years, there are real hopes for peace between the Koreas, and more especially, between North Korea and the US – a final resolution of the Korean Conflict – a war by any other name. At least, many people would like to think so. It has been a long and difficult path, sabotaged at every step of the way until recently for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the foreign policy of the US toward China and hawkish elements within South Korea. But times do change, and there is new leadership in South Korea – a left-leaning government under the leadership of Moon Jae-in. This, coupled with the fact that North Korea now has a missile capable of reaching anywhere in the US mainland, supposedly capable of being armed with a nuclear warhead, and the fact that over 80% of the Korean public in the South want a peace treaty between the US and the North and rapprochement with the North, means that the US has again been brought to the table. Mix this with a US President who is not afraid to go against the prevailing establishment trends of Washington, and we have what might be called a perfect storm of circumstances. It is a fascinating story…[Read more at Download button above]

Reasons for the summit
Three main events
Pyeongchang Olympics
Moon-Kim summit
Trump-Kim summit
The document chart
Reactions in the US and Korean media
Result of the summit
Things are different this time
Possible outcomes over time
Other peace initiatives?
Who wins? Who loses?