©Malvin Artley 2003

Note: What follows is a revised version of a letter from 2003 regarding the inferior conjunctions of Mercury. It has been updated.

"Well, the times and energies certainly are momentous in this period. Having just come through two of the three most important full moons of the year and a major war we are also blessed to have begun a new 2nd-order cycle of Mercury. As you may know, there have been two other 2nd-order cycles of other planets that have recently commenced as well - those of Mars and Venus. These 2nd-order cycles are social cycles and do not concern individuals so much, except insofar as we are all affected by the societies in which we live. Put another way, these cycles are more connected with the operation and unfolding of groups of all sorts. This particular cycle of Mercury lasts for about 66 years and brings about many changes at its inception, but those changes may not be so obvious to the casual observer, for Mercury, as we shall see, is one of the most mysterious and occult planets in our solar system..." [Read more at the 'Download' button above]

Introduction to Mercury
Esoteric Mercury
Mercury as active kundalini
Actions of kundalini
Mercury transits and 2nd-order cycles
Planetary kundalini and its effects
Effects of kundalini on the human system
Grand cycle of Mars
Mars and kundalini
Mercury, Mars and conflict
The degree of the Mercury transit and its symboliosm
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