9 Jul 2017

© Malvin Artley

"...Given all that is taking place in the world and our societies these days, the troubling nature of events, the date and my recent travels, the machinations of the current administration and its most recent pronouncements, this letter in the latter part will focus more on the US and its foreign policy. But as we will see, US foreign policy has done much to produce the profound divisiveness we see in all quarters. And the seeds are thus being sewn of new growth. It will perhaps be useful for us to examine the nature of ‘family’ in this letter in all of its ramifications, since many nations these days are the meeting places of many types of ‘family’ groups and their intermingling. Our first experience in life is that of family..." [The entire article is available at the 'Download' button above.]

Topics covered:
Esoteric Cancer
The astral family
The soul and shared experience
The Muslim world and US intervention there
The role of the CIA and US administrations in world unrest
Why Russia and Iran are targets of US saber rattlling