27/28 Jun 2018

© Malvin Artley

"... this brings us to a very interesting, yet disturbing story about American culture, the influence of the capitalists in the US and the carry-on effects it has had for all nations, for New York has been the birthplace and home of many things, some good, like the UN (We can argue all you like about that one, but it is the best we have at the moment.), and some rather more nefarious. With the sign Cancer this year we come to what is a most important consideration for us in these times – the mass subconscious – but more specifically, its manipulation. And as we will see, Neptune, via Cancer, has a big part to play in this, via Washington and New York. Our story starts in New York ..." [The entire article is available at the 'Download' button above.]

Topics covered:
Royal Rife
Cancer, the sign
The Cancerian individual
Esoteric Cancer
The full moon and ingress
The Sun opposite Saturn
The coming eclipse
American consumerism – the deception
Bernays on steroids
Protectionism and securities
Trade wars
Changes for the Eurozone
Cancer, the disease