10 MAY 2017

© Malvin Artley

... Steady, applied pressure and effort is the way of progress in anything – any sort of lasting progress. Discipline (regulation) builds wealth, material and spiritual. It is one of the things at which Taurus excels and one of its great gifts. It requires clear vision, self-control and a real sense of purpose. We are beginning to find that sense of purpose again. Our privations have brought us to this point. A comfortable public will never rally for change. The other gift/lesson of Taurus is that real self-esteem comes not from material things, but rather from ‘the things of heaven’. Which do we esteem more – our material accomplishments or our inner sense of well-being, the latter of which comes only from the soul? Every time Taurus is active, either by month, progression or birth, such questions are always brought to our attention. The people we hold in highest esteem are those people who have true strength of character. They have arrived at that most often by the hard knocks of life and by overcoming those...

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Topics covered:
Taurus, will and power
Venus and Vulcan, beauty and the forge
The ajna and the third eye – Taurus and vision
Our immediate problem: the current financial system
The effects of unregulated free market capitalism
The full moon chart
The North Korean ‘threat’ – war or negotiations?
Syria, North Korea, or Israel?