10/11 FEB 2017

© Malvin Artley

...It is said that animals have a group soul, not being individualized, but anyone who has close interactions with animals will tell you that each animal has his or her own individuality, aside from the instinctual nature of their species. However, it could be said that humanity forms a sort of group soul, too, that we are all part of a great collective consciousness and that there is in reality no true separation between us, even though we retain our own individuality. This applies as much to our relationship with animals as it does to our relations with human beings – in fact, to our relations with all sentient life. And, there are angels (devas) that look after each group, just as we each have our own individual guardian angels. We come into life in collective waves and leave this material existence the same way once our work and experience is done. And this brings us to the theme of this full moon, the festival of Aquarius, which is the sign most commonly associated with group life and world service...[Read more at the 'Download' button above]

Animals and group souls
Devas and groups
We come and go in waves together
Aquarius and the axis of discipline
Aquarius, the deity and the Buddha field
Aquarius and the Baskets of Nourishment
The full moon and the coming eclipses
The new US administration
Trump and Ray 3
Trump and Ray 6
Public activism as a powerful force
The Aquarian soul of the US: secular, progressive principles
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