25 Sep 2018

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Libra and the Mountain Dog

Libra, relationships and money

The Libra ingress and full moon

The nations and city with Libra

The financial war and blocs

India, China and Ray 1


China and the trade war

Human rights and China

Turks, Syrians and Chinese

The latest provocation in Syria

China, Syria and the BRI

Canada, in brief

Brexit and the emerging order

Brexit, the Eurozone and a possibility

In summary and conclusion

Happy Libra Equinox, Everyone!

Now commences what looks to be a very interesting final quarter for the solar year. I started this period of interest with a trip to the Adriatic coast for some more R&R for my wife. I spent my time writing, for the most part, until she coaxed me into the pool. When I was a boy my parents made sure that all of us kids learned how to swim. I have heard it said that once you learn, it’s like riding a bike – you never forget. I am living testimony to the fact that, yes indeed, you can forget how to swim, especially when you haven’t done so to any extent in decades. I won’t say how many. So, I had a dilemma: I could either stay out of the pool or in the safe shallows and disappoint myself and my wife, or I could re-learn the long lost art. I decided the latter. To begin the process, I first had to overcome what turned out to be a fear of the water. I am not talking about showers, rain and bathtubs here. I’m quite fine with all that. No, the real fear was quite reasonable. I don’t particularly want to drown if it is not really necessary. The first thing I did, then, was to rediscover the art of floating. It is an art, you know, to learn your points of buoyancy and how to do it effectively. I got to the point where I could float on my back, with my ears below water, and gaze up into the void of the blue sky, the perilous depths lying below me. It was quite a Zen experience, and very calming. I also lost my fear of deep water in the process. And, it wasn’t long before I was swimming again, much to my relief and that of the lifeguard, and much to my wife’s delight.

We are just about to enter the Libra interval for 2018 with the equinox and the Libra ingress. The full moon of this period is becoming of increasing importance for us as we slowly attain to the Aquarian Age,[1] and the full moon of the Libra interval will therefore receive more than the average emphasis as time goes on, by nature of what it represents. The activity of the planet Venus is thus more and more pronounced as an outer emphasis, with Uranus acting behind the scenes and with people who are able to respond to it in a positive manner. This is a powerful pairing of planets, leading to greater integration between the higher and lower mind and thereafter to reorganization of life along more spiritual lines. As a result, we are seeing transitions, shifts in the balance of power in the world, shifts in relations between nations, some of which have existed for many centuries, a shift from the West to the East in terms of economic power, and so forth. It is all according to plan and it is something to be welcomed, even though nations that once were able to exert great control see their power waning through this transition period.

Libra and the Mountain Dog: Given the nations and city that are governed by Libra (more later), we will not focus so much on the esoteric side of Libra in this letter except for some key points. In keeping with the theme of the Mountain Dog in this series of letters, we are interested for the next months as in previous months in what is taking shape in the international arena, and as it is appearing, this year will be marked as one of key developments that will shape the world outlook in a big way into the next decades. All this is in keeping with the increasing influence of Libra, Venus and Uranus, as it turns out, especially now that Uranus has entered Taurus, another sign ruled by Venus. In that vein, we will start with our consideration of Libra. Libra rules the natural 7th house of the zodiac. As such it is associated with partnerships of all types, with the dissolution of those partnerships, with money as it affects those relationships and with the sexual relationship also, the latter referring more so to how one decides to address one’s sexuality on the basis of an intimate partnership. It is by default a very important house and consideration in one’s life, lying opposite the 1st house as it does and defining the horizon  axis, the ‘axis of rising and setting’.

Since Libra involves partnerships in distinction to the individual (ourselves), Libra is associated with our ideas of right and wrong, and by extension, the legal system. By further extension, Libra is also therefore associated with the idea of connubial happiness, shared experience and also of open conflict. “Love is grand. Divorce is a hundred grand.” At least. You get the idea. The point is, Libra is associated with either love or heartache (Venus) in popular culture, with peaceful relations or open warfare. Libra is not just about peace, love and understanding. It is also associated with open enemies and warfare. But Libra also has inherent in it a change of direction. Our life direction changes when we marry, for instance, and when we divorce, when we go off to war, start a business and any of an endless list of possible relationships. The sun sets on the self with Libra, in a way, and we become merged with the lives of others. We have to forget ourselves often in such cases, and look more toward the needs of others. Libra marks our first experience with conscious choice in a group setting, speaking archetypally. It marks the start of families and businesses, for instance, and all the carry-on effects of those relations. This idea of changing direction and reorganization of one’s life brings in the influence of Uranus, the ‘transmitter of the violet ray’, the esoteric ruler of Libra. The factor of conscious choice also points to the hierarchical  ruler of Libra, Saturn, which rules choice and the karma that choice generates due to our subsequent actions. Karma is justice applied by one’s higher Self and group interactions – ‘divine justice’ – and Libra has been called the ‘sponsor of the law’.[2]

With regard to the sponsor of the law and what we see emerging in the world, there is a rather interesting quote to consider. Libra…

…holds the balances between so-called right and wrong, between negative and positive and also between East and West. This last point of adjustment may seem to you to be a meaningless phrase, but when the true and right relationship is established between the orient and the occident (which is not yet the case) it will come about through the activity of Libra and the work of the legal profession.[3]

That balancing will also produce and is producing profound changes in the world’s financial systems as they have existed since the last great war (1945). The West is losing influence. The East is rising. There is nothing to fear in that, except for the reactions of reactionary forces who want to see the status quo of the world financial system maintained.

Libra, relationships and money: There is a deeper message here, though, and it relates to money in general, and also to the relationships formed on that basis, which pervades so much of our current relational bases. There is a forecast that eventually, further into the future, money will become of no moment. In other words, its usefulness will be outlived. We are being given a taste of that now, primarily through the suffering that financial causes induce – the causes of war, poverty, want, indebtedness and so forth. We scarcely realize how pervasive is the influence of money in our lives. When the glamour for the need of it is realized and dissipated – for it is that which keeps us bound to it – then there will be a great liberation for humanity…“releasing from poverty, ugliness, degradation, slavery and despair; it will destroy the great monopolies, take the curse out of labour, and open the door into that golden age for which all people wait. It will level all the artificial layers of modern society and liberate people from the constant anxiety and grueling toil which have been responsible for so much disease and death. When these new and better conditions are established, then people will be free to live and move in beauty and to seek the ‘Lighted Way.’”[4] Sounds wonderful, yes? It will not happen in our lifetimes, probably coming at some point over the next couple of millennia. Still, it is in the design for this planet. Realistically, I would expect it to come in the Libra interlude of the Aquarian Age, over the coming centuries, given that Libra has such a connection with money. Without further ado, then, we move on to the full moon, the ingress figure and the international scene.

The Libra ingress and full moon: We are about to have the Libra ingress of the Sun (on the 23rd), which is an equinox. The ingress figure shows the Sun square to Saturn, linked to Uranus by quincunx and trine to Mars, the latter being square to Uranus. We have the midterms coming in the US, which will be decisive in US politics for the next two years, along with moves toward new financial transaction systems by other nations, away from the dollar. It will be an unpredictable final quarter for 2018. The one thing we can probably predict with safety is that people by and large opt for more conservative measures in times of uncertainty, and that might be the deciding factor for the US midterms, i.e., victories for conservatives, whether Republican or Democrat. There does not appear to be much of a ‘left’ in US politics these days.

The full moon takes place on 25 Sep 18 at 2:52 UT (10:52 AM AEST). It follows a couple of days after the Libra ingress, so the figures are very similar. The full moon axis makes a t-square with Saturn at the apex, with Mars trine the Sun/sextile the Moon, making the full moon axis an easy opposition. This is a dynamic figure, pointing toward fulfillment of ambitions in a worldly sense, and toward those decisions which will find outer expression eventually, from a more esoteric perspective. Libra is a sign very powerfully associated with manifestation and in producing turning points in one’s life. With the involvement of Saturn affecting the full moon axis we see opportunities opening in many areas, even though the emotional mood is one of more inhibited outlook, at least initially. It is a figure that points toward transformation, being enhanced by Pluto at the midpoint of the Mercury and Uranus, completing a septile triangle, with Pluto as the apex point. That configuration indicates either the good mathematician, hasty realization of plans, indefatigability in one’s mental and/or creative work and the danger of overwrought nerves. The thing to note in this case, however, is the septile emphasis, which points toward new realities presenting themselves. In all, this full moon is excellently suited toward inner, occult work. If it is applied materially, it could indicate what we might call ‘less favorable’ outcomes. It is a get-down-to-business setup, with a more progressive emphasis, tending toward reformist activities, or otherwise reforming one’s life in some way, depending on what houses are indicated in one’s life by the full moon axis.

Given that we are now well aware that Uranus has entered Taurus, it means economic changes are coming – in fact they are already here – and given that Uranus is the esoteric ruler of Libra and indicates reorganization and key turning points in one’s soul history in general, we move on now to the nations that have Libra present in their synthetic makeup. (For a complete listing and other data, you can go here.) As it turns out, Libra, Uranus and economic reorganization are linked with these nations and with London, most pointedly with the nations having Libra as the personality expression, as we see outlined with the following:

The nations and city with Libra:

Soul: Austria (Capricorn personality) and Scandinavia, taken as the collective of Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark (Cancer personality)

Personality: China (Taurus soul), Canada (Taurus soul) and Argentina (Cancer soul)

City: London (personality, Leo soul)

Before we begin, it is useful to keep the following forecast in mind, made back in the 1950s, referring to the emerging world economic blocs, in this case the third mentioned:[5]

3. The United Soviet Socialist Republics [now the Russian Federation and certain of the old Soviet era states] and certain Asiatic nations working in collaboration with them, such as China, and later Japan…These three great blocs [one other centered around the US/UK/northern Europe; and another around the Mediterranean nations, Balkan states and Latin nations] would not be antagonistic blocs but simply geographical spheres of influence. They would all three work in the closest unity and economic relation. Each nation within the three blocs would preserve its sovereign independence, but between these independent nations and between these blocs there would be identity of purpose, unity of effort and the recognition of the economic control of a league of nations. [not to be confused with The League of Nations] This league, being formed of the representatives of all the nations and its inner governing body being chosen by the three blocs, would control all sources of supply, distribute all such supplies and determine all economic policies…With the details of these future adjustments I shall not deal. They must be wrought out by the men and women of goodwill in the crucible of experiment and experience. Only universal disaster could have brought men to a state of mind wherein such propositions and solutions could be presented. The general recognition that the old order has lamentably failed is most valuable.

These blocs are said to be a much desired goal in the spiritual destiny of our planet, leading to an end of the sense of world antagonism and separateness we see today. To mention a few points, this  was written just after the universal disaster of WWII. Today we face other universal disasters, economic, environmental, political, etc. There is an emerging recognition that the post-WWII order has also failed in particulars. We won’t go into that here. However, we already see this third bloc forming as we speak, and Russia has been having talks with Japan regarding that order, one of the major sticking points being the Kuril Islands, while Russia is already allied with China, some of the old Soviet Republics, Iran and other Asian nations, in the form of the SCO, ASEAN and EAEU. The recent Eastern Economic Forum has seen significant progress in the emergence of the aforementioned bloc. Since we are talking about partnerships, economics and international law in relation to Libra, we cannot look past these emerging blocs. The one mentioned is already a reality and will eventually fully manifest the way things are going, but the process will take time. In the meantime, the old Western powers are doing their best to prevent that emergence. So, we move on to the main mundane discussion of this letter.

The financial war and blocs: I made mention in the last letter of the financial world war in which we are currently engaged. That war became international on June first. This happened almost coincident with the passage of Uranus into Taurus, which took place on 16 May this year. At the time of the international tariffs, which started this world war, there was a Mars/Ascendant conjunction for the event on the US south node, indicating the fighting spirit (Mars/Ascendant, which Trump also has), but also a move based upon an old playbook (south node). History has shown that punitive tariffs and protectionism seldom work, if at all, and usually produce blowback against the instigator. This war is principally aimed at China, and secondarily at Russia and Iran, with the aim in mind of maintaining the dominance of the US dollar as the world reserve currency. In light of those facts and because of China’s Libra persona, as well as London’s Libra persona, we will take a more in-depth look at those two places in this letter, especially China. It is a vast subject with regard to either place, so we can only touch on the main points. Having said that, the position of London for the Western world, especially Europe, hinges on the relationships between London, Berlin and Paris, and the choice being made by the UK now between Brussels and Washington as to the destiny of the UK and Europe. So, we begin to see that we are indeed in the grips of an international conflict, instigated by powerful business interests in Washington, New York, Berlin and the UK, primarily. But, China first.

As we see from the above points, in addition to Libra, China expresses a Taurean soul, hence a double-Venusian influence in the orthodox interpretation. On the other hand, if we look at the esoteric rulers, we see Vulcan (soul) and Uranus (personality), and China certainly has advocated for a new world order, as the combined influence of those two planets would suggest. In addition, the 1st ray (will and power) works through the Chinese soul, and with the 3rd ray working through their personality. This is the same ray combination, with the same respective placements, that we see with the Jewish people as a whole. People sense this combination and mention has been made – pejoratively toward both Jews and Chinese – of the similarities between the two peoples, a view that is counterproductive and unfounded. It is a ray combination that can be powerfully materialistic and manipulative, true, but it is also a combination that can produce the heights of human achievement, especially along the lines of occultism, mathematics, literature and science, as anyone who has studied the two cultures can attest. It is a ray combination, and in the case of China an  astrological combination, that should not under any circumstances be underestimated. The current US administration is doing just that. Why would I say that?

India, China and Ray 1: There are two nations that express the 1st ray through their souls – India and China. China’s motto is, “I indicate the way”, and India’s is, “I hide the light”. These two nations host two of the oldest cultures in the world, and their keynote is persistence. They also encompass the Trans-Himalayan region and are the homes of two religions/philosophies that have produced a long line of adepts, initiates and master Teachers. The West has its compatriot Teachers and initiates, too, but not to the degree and extent of those two nations of the world. And, the Trans-Himalayan schools hold the keys for Western disciples, especially when it comes to occult analysis and methods of occult meditation.[6] Of the 1st ray soul it has been said:[7]

Souls on this ray are spoken of occultly as ‘crashing their way into incarnation’. They appropriate dynamically that which they require. They brook no hindrance in the satisfactions of their desires. They stand alone in a proud isolation, glorying in their strength, and their ruthlessness. These qualities have to be transmuted into that intelligent use of power which makes them powerful factors in the Plan, and magnetic centres of force, gathering workers and forces around them…

That 1st ray also has a profound capacity for endurance, and though they may suffer much, they never lose sight of their goals, nor do they pity themselves. The primary difference between India and China, though, is that the Indian lacks will,[8] being more locked into its Capricorn personality at the moment. That is why India cannot seem to find its way out of its backwardness, although it is making progress along those lines. China, on the other hand, has will in spades, at least as far as its central government is concerned. There are many readers who might argue that China displays that ruthlessness and glorying in their strength, as well as the proud isolation. I maintain, alternatively, that China is beginning to display the latter qualities of the preceding quote, displaying the more intelligent uses of power, gathering workers and forces around them. China, like Russia, is indeed a powerful factor in the emerging world plan, little as many readers might like it. And if we look at the philosophy of its premier initiative for the coming decades, its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), it espouses cooperation, the more positive quality of its Libran personality. Nations are gathering around their initiative. It has also done much to benefit its people. There is one example of the latter that stands out in particular.

China: China’s current poverty rate is about 2% of their population compared with a rate of 88% in 1981. That is an astounding figure and change, and it speaks to the success of China’s economic and governmental reforms, started under Deng Xiaoping. To put this another way, the Chinese have lifted over 500 million people out of the worst forms of poverty. Urban poverty in China is virtually nil, while the remaining pockets of poverty are in rural areas. I saw some of the poorer areas of China briefly when I visited there. I see more beggars in Italy than I did in China. Even in the  poorer areas of China at least the people appeared to be well enough fed. China moved into the middle income status of nations in the first decade of this century. No other nation can claim this sort of success in such a short amount of time. In true 1st ray fashion, they have had to do so forcefully at times, but the end result is staggering. They did this by using their 3rd ray effectively, by inviting foreign investment and industry (ray 3 could be called the ‘financial ray’), by effectively gaming the world financial system, which is no different from the likes of Western powers. There have been negative uses of those energies, too, to be sure (what nation is perfect?) and it is those upon which the Western press seizes – predatory capitalism, intellectual property theft, unfair trade practices, violations of trade practices and so forth, for example. And while some of that is true, the US in particular is being hypocritical in many of its assertions regarding Chinese trade practices. And, to be more pointed, we actually enabled much of China’s approach.

However, China has large internal problems to overcome and which it will face increasingly into the future. It also has weak spots in its policies which will cause problems if not addressed soon. The most obvious challenge is its large population – 1/7th of the world population, occupying a nation roughly the same size as the lower-48 of the US or Australia (map and map). It also has several regions that have strong independence sentiments, most notably Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tibet and Xinjiang, and those do not look to go away any time soon. For its part, the Chinese central government stands firm that all such provinces are part of the one China, which has led to crackdowns in recent years. Before long it will face payouts to its rapidly aging population which will strain the central bank. As for policy, it has made large loans to countries with questionable ability to pay those loans back, relying on the planned success of the BRI to do so. It had done huge projects internally and overseas while it was flush with cash, but those, too, are based in debt. Like the US, it is spending heavily on defense. It has bloated state-owned enterprises that are a holdover from the communist era, and those need to be dismantled. But, to do so now would be political suicide. China is also engaged in what might be described as imperial overreach, much as the US has done, and which has consistently brought down empires in the past. It is these latter factors upon which Washington counts for success in its trade war with China, ignoring for a moment that we are being lied to about the purpose behind the trade war. So, all is not roses with China, and there is one thing that indicates this to a large extent, from what I can see.

China and the trade war: China has launched what it calls its Made in China 2025 initiative. Its goals “include increasing the Chinese-domestic content of core materials to 40% by 2020 and 70% by 2025.” It is aimed primarily at the high-tech and pharmaceutical industries, which have been the purview of foreign companies in the past. Like Russia, it seeks independence in those areas and in the case of China, to be a competitor with the US by 2025. This initiative alone has so alarmed the establishment in Washington that it is a core purpose on the establishment side behind the trade war with China, in an effort to bring it to a screeching halt. But there is another reason behind the initiative that I have not seen stated anywhere, but which is behind similar efforts in Russia. If it happens – or perhaps we should say when – that there is a major economic downturn to the extent that the availability of supply drops or  if the trade war escalates to the point that supply is cut off to those essential industries, then China needs to be able to manufacture its own version of those items. It is not simply about competition with the US, as we would be led to believe. And then there is a stated purpose in the first paragraph of their plan, which speaks to our present de-industrialization in the West under our neoliberal economic system. The entire plan is worth reading:

Manufacturing is the main pillar of the national economy, the foundation of the country, tool of transformation and basis of prosperity. Since the beginning of industrial civilization in the middle of the 18th century, it has been proven repeatedly by the rise and fall of world powers that without strong manufacturing, there is no national prosperity. Building internationally competitive manufacturing is the only way China can enhance its strength, protect state security and become a world power.

Listen carefully to the 1st ray objective in that statement. As for the West, we seem to have forgotten the first sentence, even, which is a big reason we see Trump and those similar to him in office now, because of the loss of manufacturing jobs in many nations and the income and security they provided. If they are able, the Chinese will be able to pull this off, too. But the big issue that seems to gripe at people the most about China, the one about which the ‘liberal press’ constantly harps, are China’s perceived human rights abuses.

Human rights and China: The biggest issue with human rights that most readers of these letters would have with the Chinese involves the treatment of the Tibetans. And it has been terrible at times. Most of us have heard horror stories about the Chinese occupation of Tibet, I am sure. What we do not hear is that there were a significant number of Tibetan elites that wanted the Chinese to intervene in the time leading to the Communist Revolution in China, because they thought that the monastic orders, who essentially had rule of the country at the time, were not moving fast enough for their liking. They also wanted in on the Western economic successes they saw, which was exacerbated by the emergence of radio and foreign influence. What they were aiming for was the modernization of Tibet. Many of us have an ideal of what Tibetan culture and life was like under the monastic order before absorption into China, one that is likely more idyllic than was the reality. (See here, here, here and here for various views.) In essence, Tibet was a theocracy, and a feudal society, complete with lords and what the West and China have painted as slavery. The only large educational system existed in the monasteries and the lot of the ordinary Tibetan was a life of poverty and ignorance, which continued up until very recently, keeping in mind that Tibet is a harsh land and difficult. Slavery, as the Chinese called it, was abolished in Tibet by the Chinese in the ‘50s and land reform was introduced. Many readers will probably not know that Tibet only briefly had de facto independence from China, from 1912 to 1951. Effectively, Tibet was first populated by northern Chinese, and the Chinese have always viewed Tibet as a part of China. We should also keep in mind that there has been vigorous propaganda on both sides of the Tibetan issue, and that Tibet is not a cut-and-dried Chinese seizure and occupation.

Another factor that may not be known is that the American CIA had a big hand in the unrest in Tibet[9] in the ‘50s through to the end of the Vietnam War, by training and using disaffected ex-Tibetan chiefs of aristocratic clans who were parachuted into Tibet to stir unrest. If this sounds familiar, look at Syria and what we did there. This led to severe Chinese crackdowns. The insurgents fought a guerilla war that went on for almost two decades. Most of them were never heard from again. At first the Tibetan populace was not too much engaged in the fight, but came on board more and more as time went on. And then the whole of China suffered under the Great Chinese Famine, and then the Cultural Revolution. I have seen the results of the latter in some of the  monasteries in Tibet, most of which were bombed and many dismantled completely. It was a tremendous loss, both of Tibetan culture and of the history of the entire region. As a result of the preceding factors, the Tibetan leadership fled into exile into Bylakuppe and Dharamsala in India, where India now ‘hides the Light’.

Tibetan culture survives now in India, and as a result of the tragedy of Tibet, while it is fast disappearing in Tibet, we now benefit from the Tibetan diaspora spread worldwide. Without having the wider vision of karmic imperatives, who can say why this has taken place? For the most part we in the West see this as a tragedy, but looking ahead, I can see a time further into the future when there will be a resurgence of Tibetan culture in Tibet, albeit with a more modernized civil structure. With a steadily rising middle class in China, the central government will have to cede more and more control to the populace, with all that will entail, and that will include Tibet. Tibet is to become an integral part of China’s B&R Initiative, with progress on that front already indicated by the completion of the Qinghai-Tibet railway, which has reached Shigaste, close to the borders of Nepal and Bhutan. That will mean a direct link with the Indian subcontinent.  And that brings us to Xinjiang.

Xinjiang is a huge province, the largest in China. It was annexed by the Qing Dynasty, but there is still a strong nationalistic sentiment there. It covers an area larger than the entire Southeastern US, is the same size as Iran, yet has a population of only 25 million people, half of whom are Uyghurs. It is comprised largely of desert, and were it not for its wealth of mineral and petroleum resources, it would be only a second thought for China and of little importance, except for one thing: Xinjiang is to be the site of the major hub in China’s west for its Belt and Road Initiative, starting with the Gwadar project (large map). That project will allow China to bypass at least a large portion of transport through the South China Sea. Hence, it is of immense geopolitical importance for China, which has also invited the unwanted attention of certain Western  powers in an effort to disrupt said initiative.

The activities of Daesh in Pakistan and their effects on indigenous Uyghurs in Xinjiang have the potential to cause significant problems for the Gwadar project. The latter had sought also to stir unrest in China generally through radicalizing the Muslim element in Xinjiang. This was also done with the help of certain Arab Gulf states and the Turks. Just as we saw in Tibet, the secret services of the West, and Washington in particular, have sought to keep China on the back foot through stirring minority tensions in China. This is all documented. As a result, what we get in the West are tales of terrible human rights abuses in China in the ‘restive west of China’ – restive in large part due to foreign interference. And in typical first ray fashion, the Chinese clamp down hard on such issues. But the Chinese are correct to be very wary of the unrest in Xinjiang.

Turks, Syrians and Chinese: We are not told the following in the MSM, but the Turks have actively engaged in transporting between 10 – 20 thousand radicalized Uyghurs to Syria via Thailand to fight against Assad in Syria, along with many other groups. There they would gain valuable fighting experience, then to be shipped back to Xinjiang and their other home countries after the Western-planned fall of Assad, for what purpose I will let you guess. Most of those remaining Uyghur fighters are now concentrated in the Syrian province of Idlib, which is currently in process of being cleared of terrorists by the Syrian army (the SAA). This is the main underlying reason why we hear the heated rhetoric out of Washington regarding Idlib and the further provocations in the UK about ‘Russian agents’. They are trying to salvage those fighters and others. The Turks are now moving battle tanks and heavy equipment to their outposts in the province for what we might expect to be some sort of Article 5 provocation which would activate NATO forces. We just saw a test of this

The latest provocation in Syria: We need to discuss this a bit, because it could have led to an international disaster. On Sept. 17, only hours after a deal was struck between Turkey and Russia to resolve the terrorist situation in Idlib, the Israelis launched a provocation attack on Syria using a Russian surveillance  plane as cover, which was shot down mistakenly by Syrian air defenses. The hope by the Israelis was to cause a knee jerk reaction from Syrian, Russian and/or Iranian forces that would have quickly escalated and drawn in the French, UK and US forces to launch a devastating attack on Syria. Russia would have been forced to respond. The Russians lost 15 of their soldiers in the crash, but the Israelis failed in their attempt.

Instead of reacting, the Russians have vowed retaliation in their own time, which will probably be political, as we saw with the Turkish shoot-down of the Russian fighter jet earlier in the war. Erdogan eventually had to go back to Russia, hat-in-hand and pay restitution. Israel will have to do in kind at some point, in some way. In panic mode  now, their defense force delegation is at this moment on their way to Moscow. Overwhelmingly, the comments I saw after the latest incident was that Russia is weak, has sold out to the Zionists, and so forth. But we need to ask, who is winning the war? Russian casualties have been very light thus far, and the Russians have shown remarkable patience and restraint. Idlib will be cleared – after the US midterms. The US will have to look for its war somewhere else. Israel has shot itself in the foot with its fit of pique over the Russian-Turkish agreement, which is what the attack was. Russia has many ways of retaliating, and Israel will probably now have to ask permission to fly over Syrian air space if it wants Russian neutrality. It has lost its advantage.

These are very testing times in Syria at the moment, and for the world. These moves by the Turks, Israelis and the Western powers are against international law and would appear to be a last-ditch effort to implement the PNAC plans. Their aim there now is to keep the conflict festering, play the role of spoiler, keep Syria down and weak and to salvage their terrorists in Idlib to live on and stir trouble there and elsewhere, another time, another place. We might have thought PNAC was dead and gone, but the neocons are alive and well in Washington, trying to re-breathe life into those plans. PNAC lived on in another incarnation as the Foreign Policy Institute, and the neocon founders are now regular pundits and contributors to American mainstream media outlets. John Bolton, one of the board of directors of the now defunct PNAC, is currently the US National Security Advisor. There may be some sort of provocation in Syria again soon, with possible strikes toward the end of October, just before midterms. If not then, then in the first of 2019.

China, Syria and the BRI: And no, the UN did not report China has massive internment camps for Uyghur Muslims. This was a blatant falsehood that was plastered across the mainstream news and which came from an independent organization associated with the UN. China does have a reeducation center for radicalized Uyghurs, through which some thousands have passed, but not the million or so as claimed by a couple of UN officials, based upon a few questionable interviews with Uyghur Chinese. That report was pure propaganda. Such stories are raised in order to exert leverage strategically against China in the international community, pulling on the ‘human rights’ rope of unknowing news consumers. For a more informed analysis, see here and here. For its part, China does not want to see those Uyghur fighters in Syria come back to China, which is why there is talk of Chinese troops going to Syria to fight in this last big battle.

China has a stake in the outcome of the war in Syria, as Syria is set to be an outpost in China’s BRI. China thus wants to see Syria intact, with all of its territory recovered. It also wants to see the Uyghur jihadis eliminated for obvious reasons. Incidentally, that is the same sort of reason Russia is in Syria, as a good number of the radicalized fighters there are ethnic Russians. The difference between the Russian approach and the Chinese approach is of interest, though, because Russia has spearheaded an offer to repatriate its fighters if they come to see the error of their ways. Some of the Syrian opposition fighters have been thus re-integrated into the Syrian army, where they reportedly fight now for the Syrian army against the terrorist elements. We cannot go into all that here, but it is worthy of study. (here, here, here)

So, we have a fairly complicated situation where China is concerned. We have had to keep comments brief here, but China is worth a study in itself. It is not well understood in the West, given the current antagonism and suspicion toward it we see in the mainstream. But, the one thing that is clear is that China will not be beholden to any sort of foreign power, and that is most evident in its efforts to loose itself from sole dependence on the dollar in its trade practices, as well as its efforts to shore up its security, such as we see in the South China Sea, one of its major lifelines, and the Chinese BRI. Due to its history, China has relatively fresh memories of its ‘Century of Humiliation’, which it seeks to avoid at major cost to itself, a point which I rarely if ever see discussed. This was primarily at the hands of the British in the 19th century. And this takes us next to London – particularly, to Brexit and another emerging bloc. But, with a final word regarding China, we cannot go past its similarity, at least astrologically, with Canada.

Canada, in brief: We are not given the rays for Canada, but astrologically it has the exact configuration of China, although I would expect the ray qualities to be quite different. Canada is set to be in the North American bloc, which is emerging by default, and it is the natural trading partner with the US as well as the UK. It is also a member of the British Commonwealth. However, per capita, Canada has a large Chinese expat community, one of its largest, the Chinese having come there primarily in the 19th century. China is Canada’s second-largest trading partner, and the majority of Canadians polled now view China as the world’s top economic power. Opinion about China (as in favorable or not) is pretty well split. But Canada is in a good spot in terms of trade and relations, both with China and the US, the latter being its largest trading partner, and despite the current troubles with the present US administration. Presidents come and go. Friendships, hopefully, remain. Canada, like the US and Australia, is a young nation and its fuller contribution to the evolution of human consciousness lies more in the future. Canadian readers are welcome to share what they sense the Canadian rays to be. The fact they are not given, as also in the case of Australia, suggests they are still in process of emerging or that they are at present quiescent. We see the same also for New Zealand. But then, the personality rays and astrology of nations change over the centuries, too, as nations go through their various incarnations.[10] The soul ray remains as an emerging quality. Since Canada is so linked with Britain in its history, we move on now to a consideration that is possibly leading to the formation of one of the aforementioned blocs – the northern Europe/US bloc – which takes us to Brexit.

Brexit and the emerging order: Brexit can be pretty confusing, with so many possible scenarios. That vote came as a shock to much of the world, not to mention many British citizens, and much to the consternation of mainland Europe. One thing that has coming clear, though, as time goes on, is that citizens of the UK were duped by the vote, on both sides of the question. The causes of Brexit have been misdiagnosed. There was much in the way of dog-whistle politics by the Leave camp which played on people’s fears, which is always a surefire way to sway many within a populace, the American version being ‘God, guts and guns’. There were also scare tactics on the Remain side. The main points that were constantly harped upon by the Leave camp were sovereignty, immigration, money that had to be paid to the EU and stifling EU regulations, with an uglier undertone of racism. The reason I say the British public was duped is because neither side addressed the larger issue involved, which had nothing to do with Brussels, other than the fact that Brussels embraces the same sorts of fiscal policies under which the Greeks are currently existing. Behind the issues cited by the Leave camp was one fairly clear issue – the desire to be free of regulations for business concerns – and for business to have more control over domestic policies and politics. If this seems cynical, look at who spearheaded the Leave campaign and follow the money. Brexit was also a good example of what happens if people on the side of unity are complacent and/or ineffectual. Most people expected Britain to remain, which was part of the complacency. But there are also officials on the Remain side that feed from the trough of the EU.

So, here is a thought to keep in mind as we go along: Nothing much is going to change for the British so long as their focus is upon outside influences, upon Tory/Labour politics, upon conservative/liberal policy, so on and so forth. In other words, what people focused upon and where their attention was drawn in the Brexit vote – ‘herded’ is probably a better word – was upon ‘us’ and ‘them’. Dualities, in other words. And, keeping with our Libran theme, the fact that the vote was split, even though skewed toward the Leave side, points to the fact that both campaigns got what they wanted in a way. It keeps the focus away from London. The real change has to come with a housecleaning in the British parliament, just as we need a similar housecleaning in the US, Australia and elsewhere. Then the issue with the EU technocrats can be properly addressed and true British sovereignty maintained – even while staying in the EU. Wishful thinking, maybe. A united Europe is a powerful force, though. A broken Europe will leave itself open to all sorts of influences. True enough, Brussels needs a housecleaning, too. We will be addressing that in the next letter. London can and should be a powerful force for change from within the EU.

For a bit of history, Brexit had been planned for years by a group centered on 55 Tufton St. in London. That group has connections with the neocons in the US. It was a group cobbled together from billionaires, business interests, hard right conservatives and so forth that also employed data mining, spying and so forth to put forward the campaign. Does any of that sound familiar to readers in the US? Cambridge Analytica was involved. Tufton Street is just around the river’s bend from the City of London, the latter being the seat of London’s banking industry and management of the UK’s secrecy districts. The motto most frequently parroted as the catch phrase for the Leave camp was “Take back control”. It was a vague and misleading message, as such campaign slogans often are. We might well ask, take back control from whom? The answer to that question is central to the  purpose behind Brexit.

The real purpose behind Brexit was “…to deliver a low-tax, small state, deregulated economy that will have a detrimental effect on the lives of the very UK citizens they coerced into believing they were voting Leave for reasons other than to negatively impact the NHS, public services, schools and the day-to-day lives of the vast majority of the people of the UK.”  (see Tufton St. article, linked) If this also sounds familiar to US readers, it is because some of the people involved in Brexit were the same people involved in the Trump campaign. On the other side, staying in the EU as it is currently will change nothing and enable the ‘liberal’ elites to continue as they are, to the further detriment of the British public. The people who would most benefit from Brexit are the billionaire class and those people with enough savvy to game the financial system as it exists. It won’t be the average UK citizen. If we wanted any further confirmation that US interests are also involved, then we need look no further than Trump’s statement when he was in the UK that there would be no free trade deal with the US without a hard Brexit. So, the money in Britain wants the UK to leave the EU. But there is more. There has been a strong connection for years between the financial spheres in London and on Wall Street.

I heard many times from people after the Brexit vote that they felt a veil had been lifted and that there was light behind it. Much has been coming to light since then, for certain, and much of it revelatory about UK politics, the influence of lobby groups, the underbelly of London, the cynicism of many UK pollies and so on. Whether or not Brexit is meant to happen is another matter. It has recently come to light that election laws were broken during the campaign on the Leave side. That may perhaps lead to a re-vote if the referendum is ruled to be invalid. If the Campion chart is the right working chart for the UK, as it appears to be, we may just see some action around that toward the end of this year, or maybe a change of government. There is still a bit more to this, though, and it has to do with the current tensions between the US/UK axis and the Russia/China axis.

The financial world for the past decades has been controlled via the London/New York financial exchanges, most notably through the SWIFT system, which is based upon the US dollar as the world’s premier reserve currency. The SWIFT system is based in Brussels and is a European agency. Russia and China are together posing a threat to the dominance of that, increasingly dealing with each other and other nations in their native currencies and also in cryptocurrencies with a few nations and by setting up their own foreign exchange systems, which rely on satellites. The Chinese yuan became a world reserve currency in 2015 in addition to the US dollar and the euro. But, world reserve currencies do not last forever. The British pound lost its status as the world’s premier reserve in the 1950s.

There has been quite a bit of talk on many financial sites about the dollar losing its premier reserve status, with warnings of catastrophic results. It might be better to take a wait-and-see attitude. It may not be as bad as all that. But the point to be made here is that there is a challenge now to the Western control of financial markets coming from the emerging Eastern financial bloc, and the US and UK are fighting to keep the status quo intact. This is one of the underlying reasons we see anti-Russian and anti-Chinese rhetoric coming out of London and Washington, and why Russia and China are seen as ‘resurgent powers’, and also why they are cast as aggressors. If they would just be compliant, you know, the world would be a much more peaceful place. I was joking with the last remark, and it is not going to happen. With Russia’s Leo personality, the Chinese 1st ray, combined with the long range vision and planning of those two nations, the Eastern bloc is well on its way to becoming a reality. And why should it not? It threatens no one, really, only those who seek to retain control over material resources.

Brexit, the Eurozone and a possibility: There is one final note about Brexit, and then we will close this out. This is going out on a limb with speculation, but it may well be that the Brexit vote will serve as a catalyst for the eventual emergence of the latter two blocs. This would begin with a split between northern and southern Europe as to financial exchange systems, in other words, the Eurozone. It does not have to mean a breakup of the EU. There is a distinct difference between the EU and Eurozone. Britain exists in the EU presently without being a member of the Eurozone, meaning it does not use the euro as its currency. In fact, only 19 of the 28 EU member states are part of the Eurozone. Germany and France are the primary controlling members, and much of the current problems in the Eurozone can be traced back to Germany and its control of financial markets, being the most powerful economy in Europe, followed by the UK and France, respectively. Of particular interest and a side note to our purposes is that those three nations prepared the ground for the spiritual emergence in the West in the 19th and 20th centuries via their Orientalist scholars in the past, by bringing the beauty of the East to the West and translating their spiritual teachings and making that available to Westerners.[11] This work is ongoing, now throughout the West.

Two of those nations – Germany and the UK – have the 1st ray as their personality expression, hence their interest in occultism in general and their desire to rule as we saw in the past and see now in differing permutations. Expressed through the personality, the first ray tends toward forceful behavior, isolationism, the will-to-conquer and rule, a hard and unloving attitude, but at the same time being highly resilient and determined. China and India have that as their soul expression. Misappropriated soul force where the first ray is found can produce the same or similar effects as in the personality. However, when rightly applied the first ray as the soul expression is a liberating force, bar none. We need to keep that in mind regarding China as the years unfold. As it is expressed currently, Britain is seeking to separate itself from the EU, due to the selfishness of its financial interests. This is the first ray of their personality speaking, and if we really want to dig deeper, there is an old rivalry between Berlin, London and to a lesser extent, Paris, that is working out here and is an undercurrent in the Brexit episode. Germany has what many consider to be too much control over the EU and the Eurozone, and the powers that be in London are trying to wrest some control from that. Those players have no interest in the British public, though. But returning to our theme here, what is the main problem, the one that might lead to a split in the Eurozone?

Many sources I have read, for example, pin the troubles of Mediterranean Europe on the IMF, the ECB and the World Bank, which continue to espouse the Washington consensus when it comes to nations in financial trouble. In order to receive loans from the IMF, those nations, such as Greece and Portugal, must adopt measures such as reducing public spending, cutting salaries and benefits, insisting that state-owned enterprises return to the private sector, reducing minimum wages and restriction of collective bargaining. Greece is in a particularly bad place at the as a result of these policies, and looks to be so for the next 35 years. One might rightly argue that such measures are straight out of the playbook of the old robber baron era in the US. Both the IMF and the World Bank are based in Washington. This is not to lay the blame squarely at the feet of Washington. There are powerful financial interests at the back of these organizations from many nations. But the fact is that the so-called Washington consensus arose from a Washington think tank, the Peterson Institute for International Economics. To make a long story short, Greece has been reduced to a developing country under such measures, with Portugal not far behind, and Italy is on the table for the same sort of treatment. This is one thing the financiers in London want to avoid, yet they ally themselves to Washington. We could go down many conspiratorial rabbit holes with these ideas, but there is a wider point to be made, and it goes back to the emerging blocs.

Italy is not going to be cowed by IMF policies. Its economy is too big, it has too much influence in Europe and the Italian people would never except it. This is evidenced by the recent elections that were just held there and which are being echoed throughout Europe. Resistance to IMF policies, globalization and so forth is rising rapidly. The UK and Germany in particular at the moment are able to effectively avoid such measures, but those measures are fast producing a schism in Europe, and it is evolving around north/south lines if one sits back and looks at it. Those measures are being attempted in France, too, and the French are resisting as well. It is of interest to note that both France and Italy have Leo prominent in their national astrology, and it shows in their rebellion against restrictive policies. Getting back to Brexit, that may or may not happen, but it has sounded a note, and it is a note of protest against the neoliberal order that has been adopted by the West in particular. It is not about Brussels, per se, but against bad economic policy adopted by the governments of the nations where the protests are taking place. Brussels is simply used as a whipping point by the factions that want to see deregulation. Brussels must take note, however, or the Eurozone will split. Southern Europe would be better off without the IMF and the Washington consensus. We’ll talk more about that in the next letter.

In summary and conclusion, then, with Uranus transiting through Taurus and the Libran emphasis we see evolving over the next decades and even centuries, new partnerships and economic models are emerging. Germany is talking about divesting itself (article originally in The Financial Times) from the SWIFT system. Russia has gone back to a classical economy, which is serving it well. Russia and Germany are forming an economic axis to bypass the US. China is practicing the Art of War economically against Trump’s tariff war. Japan is joining in the fray allying itself with Russia and China. Trump is receiving bad advice about China in his struggle with China. In the longer term the trade wars are likely to turn badly for the US. And in the meantime, Trump is telling the WTO to shape up, or else. The dollar is booming at the moment, on the basis of…who knows? (Hint: it is a lot of politics, book cooking, stock buy-back and midterm madness.) We also have the banks playing the stock market now, too, with our money, and this puts us all in danger. In essence, then, we are building toward a larger economic crisis if policies in many nations continue as they are, and there seems to be acceleration on that front, rather than moderation. For a thumbnail sketch of our current financial morass, there are a couple of videos for background and talking about where we are probably headed. You can see those here and here.

On a final note for Libra, it is said that the balancing energy of Libra takes place on the astral plane[12] – the emotional sphere, the ‘watery plane’. That balancing allows us to see between the conflicting forces that swirl around us, up into the clear light of day. It produces in the long run, all being well, an attitude of contemplation,[13] where nothing is allowed to interfere. Libra is the razor-edge path, hence its motto: “I choose the way that leads between the two great lines of force.”[14] It is the Light that moves to rest.[15] Once we can see our way clear of the emotional pulls that are constantly tugging at us – right and left, group personalities, family, finances, our crappy governments, even our sense of helplessness and self-doubt, etc., – our path forward stands revealed. We need to take time every day and learn the art of floating.

If we give into despair we play into the shadow. That is where we can be deceived by the perceptions that others try to foist upon us, with talk of dire concerns about the enemy outside, the so-called erroneous beliefs of our peers and the perilous, precipitous path ahead, whatever that might mean for us. Instead, the need is to see the opportunity presented by our crises and a path of light instead of a thorny path of peril. Our opportunity is to step into the void that is left once we step out of the shadow and to fill it instead with proactive, positive initiative. Hope is passive. Abandon hope.  Instead, have faith in ourselves. The need now is for bold action, starting at home, then moving out into the community. If we remain passive, thinking that love alone will heal all, thus relieving us of further action, then we rest comfortably in the shadows. If we can learn to float atop the waters below and gain a vista in the clear light of day, above the fears that niggle at us from below, then we can begin to move in a direction that will heal our communities and the wider planet. Where we see division, we must look beyond and see what unites us. We excel as a species when we are united in effort. We destroy ourselves when we see only divisiveness and engage in criticism of people who hold diverse views. We always have a choice. The sun is rising on a new day.

Blessings for the Equinox,

20 Sep 18

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