12 MAR 17

© Malvin Artley

...the Pisces interval each year brings to mind the themes of death, release from the bondage of form, one’s spiritual mentors, the endings that open the door to new starts, etc. Pisces could be said to be the ‘omega’ of the zodiac – the end – especially when we consider the ‘the reversed wheel through the signs’ and the connection of Pluto with the esoteric rulership of the sign with regard to that reversed wheel. Pluto governs definitive endings among other things, and release from the bondage of the past. Pisces is a most curious sign in many ways, especially since it also indicates expansive thinking and relationships through the orthodox ruler of the sign, Jupiter, as well as the generation of wealth, which Jupiter also represents. And these days we also have the modern ruler of the sign, Neptune...[for full letter, go to 'Download' tab above]

Topics covered:

  • Esoteric Pisces
  • Conception, birth, death and the continuity of life
  • Venus retrograde
  • Saturn, Ixion and reactionary politics
  • Saturn/Ixion and scandalous administrations
  • The third Ray control of the media
  • The needed world economic changes
  • The movement that will bring the next World Teacher
  • Present world changes as the needed catalysts for change