9 JUN 2017

© Malvin Artley

"...In our everyday discourses with friends, family and coworkers we hear all manner of tales, most being mundane, some invented, but others relating serious matters and unusual goings-on. We live in a moment of history where there is plenty that is quite unusual to relate, much that arouses concern, and the more we uncover, the more unbelievable some of this ‘stuff’ seems to become. With the coming of the Gemini interval each year, the nature of our conversations becomes highlighted at a purely mundane level. However, our words are the expressions of our thoughts. How do we think on a daily basis? What do our words reveal about the prevailing currents of thought upon which our minds ride and engage? We all know the phrase, “Silence is golden.” But, how much more would be golden if we were to speak in terms that uplifted our fellow travelers as a matter of course, rather than much of the coarse conversation and posts we encounter hour-by-hour? While it is true that we live in divisive times, if we engage in that sort of behavior, we only enable those people and factions who seek to divide and keep us under thumb, or engaged in their own pet emotional bubbles, not to mention the black cloud it puts around us and loved ones..." [The entire article is available at the 'Download' button above.]

Topics covered:
Crises: Panic or respond?
What our conversations reflect
The poles of opposites: esoteric Gemini
Venus and the rulers of Gemini
Everyday Gemini
Gemini and today's media
Propaganda and the media
The full moon
Trump, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East
The Republicans and the evangelicals in the US and goodwill (?)
The coming end of oil
After 2025?
Guarding our discourse