29 MAY 2018

© Malvin Artley

"... The nations that Gemini rules...hold the keys to the solutions for the problems with which we are immediately faced. We will simply say here that Britain is to lead the way in that regard, in no small part due to her greater age and experience, speaking in terms of her people... Gemini should be expressive of unity in diversity, of the brotherhood of nations, of right human relations, of open discourse between nations, instead of what we are seeing now. It is a sign that expresses the highest of human ideals when the souls of people and nations are awakened. Unless we wish to avoid a wider human disaster into the immediate future, a disaster that would negatively impact us for many years to come, it is beholden upon us to seek community instead of alliance, transparency instead of secrecy, giving our fair share instead of seeking always to advantage ‘the system’ and to ensure that everyone’s needs are met in a timely, just and dignified manner..." [The entire article is available at the 'Download' button above.]

Topics covered:
The full moon
Orcus and Virgo
Gemini and the Nations
Britain’s 2nd Empire
American bankers
Transparency coming?
Secrecy Jurisdictions
The Curse of Secret Money
The City of London?
London or the City of London?
Capital and Labor: the Battle Lines
The golden eye of Taurus
Nations and Goodwill
East, West and the Truth
Trump and the JCPOA
The Only Thing We Have to Fear