...On election day I was sitting  at home (I had already voted) watching the rain and, like everyone else, wondering who would win. The race was very tight as we saw from the popular vote and it was a cliffhanger until the very end. About halfway through the morning it started to snow, admixed with the rain, and I thought it to be quite symbolic of what was taking place in the US – beauty amidst il brutto tempo – and that something out of the ordinary was taking place, shades of Uranus, Eris and Ceres working on the collective consciousness. Then, my computer crashed and I spent the next three days replacing the hard drive and getting it updated. Two machines crashed that day – mine and the Democratic Party machine. The election has indeed placed us at a crossroads and threw a new dynamic in the middle of our normal expectations.

The great majority of people had expected Hillary to win. The next day as I was having breakfast, the  news came through that Trump had won and I was reminded of The Simpsons….(just imagine the TV series theme song as the clouds part in the opening scene). Remember the episode where Trump was elected President and then Lisa Simpson was elected after his four year term? One of the writers from that show was a little visionary. Some really challenging insight can come through satire and comedy. Well, now that the election is over, it’s no joke. The established order has been dealt a bucket of ice water on their heads and we now have a president that the majority of people never thought would make it to office, and many people either love or intensely dislike... [To read more click on the 'Download' button above]