22 APR 16

© Malvin Artley

G’day Everyone!

In the introduction to the recent Aries letter I had mentioned that spring had exploded into the northern hemisphere. Now, it would appear, so has hay fever, and I have a very good case of it at the moment. So, this letter will be a little shorter than usual. In the Chinese New Year letter for this year the forecast was for decisive actions, for change and for a possible financial overhaul, and the Year of the Mountain Monkey is certainly proving its mettle in those respects. We will focus more on the financial aspects in this letter, given the recent divulging of the Panama Papers, and we will address that event in the latter part of this letter.

Given recent world events, I want to take a different approach to Taurus with this letter and point out a few things that are not so obvious, but which relate directly to Taurus and also to the increasingly clear light of the path ahead for humanity. Taurus is the natural second house of the zodiac, which is connected with self-esteem, individual finances, desire and the like. It is one of the main ‘money signs’ of the zodiac, along with Scorpio and Libra. We will get to the desire aspect of Taurus and money in the latter part of this letter. Aside from those points, though, Taurus transmits the light of the path, and this has a particular meaning for Buddhism—hence the emphasis with the Taurus full moon on the Buddha and his message. Buddhism itself lays out the steady, graded steps on the path to enlightenment. The Taurus festival, or interval, each year emphasizes this. The way forward for Taureans is a steady plodding forward that nothing can arrest once that way forward is made clear. However, there is one group of people for whom Taurus has a special relation, aside from Buddhists, and they are what is known as the New Group of World Servers. We have the following to make this clear:

…the group which is "speeded upon the upward Way" is the New Group of World Servers. This group is ruled by Taurus, and to it that divine Taurean energy brings "illumination and the attainment of the vision." This group is, figuratively speaking, the "bull, rushing forward upon a straight line with its one eye fixed upon the goal and beaming light." But what is that goal? It is not the goal of Self-illumination, for that lies far behind; it is the goal of providing a centre of light within [humanity] and of holding up the vision to [humanity]. Let this never be forgotten, and let the New Group of World Servers realise its mission and recognise the demands of humanity upon it.

This ‘New Group’ has several outstanding characteristics, and anyone who places the good of humanity above their own concerns can probably be counted among its members. Basically, they are people “…sensitive to the inner and newer vision and to the incoming forces and energies.” This group stands as an intermediary between humanity and the fully enlightened beings who are connected with this world and its evolution. There is no outer central organization for this group. Its members are from every walk of life and every spiritual persuasion, even if not overtly spiritual. But they all have the common good of humanity and its progress forward in terms of right relations as their overriding emphasis. They work for the raising of the standards of living in all areas of human life, but most especially for the enlightenment of humanity.

Those of you who are regular readers of these letters may have noticed that I did not use the word ‘Wesak’ in the title this letter, and this brings up some interesting points. To begin, the Wesak festival is commonly held to be the full moon of May, which usually falls in Taurus. But this year, the full moon of May takes place in Gemini. Esoterically, the secular month in which the full moon takes place makes no difference. The full moon of the Aries interval (when the Sun is in Aries) is the Festival of the Risen Christ, or the Easter Festival, regardless of whether it takes place in March or April. It is the energy of the signs that are important as to the type of festival and not the label of the month. The same situation takes place with the Wesak and Goodwill full moons of Taurus and Gemini, respectively. So, subjectively this full moon is indeed the Wesak full moon. However, there is problem with this, supposedly. Buddhists the world over will celebrate Wesak, or the birth of the historical Buddha, in May this year. It will be the full moon of May, after all. Buddhists simply use a different calendar than the West, reckoning the start of their months from the new moon each month. Is this really a problem? No, not in the least.

Every full moon is dedicated to a buddha in the Buddhist calendar—usually Amitabha—if not the historical Buddha. This year there is a simply an overlap between the two systems, Buddhist and esoteric, and what we have instead is a greater spiritual potential with the Goodwill Festival in May, from the esoteric perspective. In addition to esotericists meditating for Goodwill in May, we will have Buddhists of all types and abilities invoking the Buddha at the same time. The only problem I would see with the overlap is a Westerner who goes to Mt. Kailash in Tibet to celebrate Wesak at this full moon. It would be a sparse attendance from the Tibetan side, but the subjective energy would be there just the same. This sort of thing has happened before. This aside, the important point to be taken from this discussion is that this year represents a special opportunity of sorts to take advantage of enhanced influx of spiritual force at the full moon of May this year, the Goodwill moon, and thus a greater opportunity to connect with and inspire this New Group of World Servers. There is a heads-up for people especially interested in the furtherance of right human relations, which I would daresay is the vast majority of us. With that, we have the dynamics of the full moon for this month, with an extra added surprise after.

The full moon takes place at 6:02 UT on 22 Apr 2016 (3:01 PM AEDT). You can see the chart here. This full moon is a ‘micromoon’, meaning that the moon is at its furthest from the earth (apogee), and it will thus appear a little smaller than usual. To my knowledge there is no difference in the effects of a micromoon and the usual full moon. The degree of the full moon is the 3rd degree of the Taurus/Scorpio axis, with the moon being in Scorpio. As for the planetary dynamics, this is not a particularly stressful figure, although there is an element of the unexpected with quite a few quintile-based aspects in the chart, and with the Sun separating from its conjunction with Uranus and Eris. The t-square with the Jupiter/Neptune opposition and the Saturn apex is still with us and this, with the addition of Mars at the apex, along with the fact that Saturn is currently activating an eclipse, has produced the surprising and large leak of data called the ‘Panama Papers’, which we will get to directly. The full moon axis receives a minor emphasis from Saturn, introducing a more serious tone to the lunation. Other than that, Venus has moved up to join Uranus and Eris, and we can therefore expect more revelations and surprises as the days pass.

Another major point of interest in planetary matters before we move on to the Panama Papers is the transit of Mercury across the face of the sun on 9 May (next month). It will be observable across the Americas, Africa, Europe and most of Asia. It is a member of series 7 of such eclipses, which began on 7 May 2003 at 7:52 UT. If that date rings a bell, it coincided with the period when we began to find out there were no weapons of mass destruction found after the West invaded Iraq. This was just after Bush made his famous “Mission Accomplished” speech aboard that aircraft carrier. There were a few WMDs found in Iraq, but they were old and largely ineffective, left-overs from the Iran-Iraq War. The next transit of the series took place on 8 Nov 2006. If that dates rings another bell, it was the day after start of the 2nd Battle of Fallujah in the ongoing Iraq War. This particular transit begins about 11:15 UT, reaches the center of its transit at 14:57 UT and finishes at 18:42 UT. You can see the chart for the event here. I will send out a short piece on the transit just before the event. If you have a telescope with a sun filter, it is worth a look, because this transit will only happen fourteen times this century, with the next such event coming in November 2019 and the following in November of 2032. Technically, we could call this a solar ‘eclipse’ by Mercury, and coming as it does in the high point of the year, it has more than the average significance. That transit will bring much in the way of clarity and the figure for the event features a grand trine in earth with the Sun/Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto. It comes at the waxing crescent of the moon, so the light is increasing on the earth, and we will see what new revelations come.

The news of the Panama Papers has been hailed as one of the great events of this century so far, exposing the workings of the 1%, with the largest numbers of those companies and individuals involved being in the British Virgin Islands and Hong Kong, so there is a strong British connection throughout. And then we found that FIFA and 29 billionaires on the Forbes 500 list are in the papers. We’re not really surprised, are we? Curiously missing are people and corporations in the United States. But, we are told that will change in the near future, with more being revealed—perhaps around the time of the US presidential conventions. If you love a good scandal and excitement in a political campaign, this one will have it all in the US. Once the dust and excitement had subsided a little regarding the Panama Papers, certain questions began to emerge, and the more that emerges, the fishier the story starts to smell, regardless of the positive outcomes that will eventuate from it.

Now, it is certainly breath of fresh air that these sorts of affairs are being brought to the surface, but the timing of the release and the people listed are more than a little suspect. Firstly, there is a US election in the works and the 1%—the super-rich—are on the nose with the American public and the West. Further, Hillary Clinton and many in the US House and Senate are seen to be part of the establishment that would use such services. In addition, Bernie Sanders stands in stark contrast to financial dealings such as these and his financial record is squeaky clean, at least thus far. Then, many of the people named on the list or closely associated with them are people who have been more or less demonized or who are persons of interest to the US, especially to the more neocon-leaning sections of the US—people such as Vladimir Putin, the Prime Minister of Iceland, associates of Assad of Syria, members of the House of Saud, the PM of Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates, etc. I say Iceland because they bucked the system with the financial collapse in 2008 and ‘didn’t follow procedure’ with the banks there. In other words, they didn’t bail out the people who caused the mess to start with.

Then, Putin was immediately pilloried in the Western media, with fingers waving pointedly, even though his name was not mentioned in the list. People will say, “Well, yes, but…”, assuming he has been guilty of some shady activity, with nothing solid to back up the claims. The thing is, with the records that have been released in this leak, not much comparatively has stood out about any of them as being overtly illegal. “Well, yes, but…” And we assume the worse. Well, the activity of all parties involved in over 40 nations certainly appears shady and morally questionable. But in a sense it is no different than the average person finding as many tax credits and deductions as we can when we do our tax returns. Is that wrong? Well, no, but one might argue that it is morally questionable, that we may be trying to get out of paying our own fair share. However, the average citizen now has proof of what they have suspected all along—that the rich and corporations engage in tax evasion. For its part, Mossack Fonseca has admitted as much, saying that 95% of their work involves tax evasion and tax avoidance. Nice. The one thing above all else this leak has done is to clearly show how people and corporations have been escaping paying their fair share of taxes, taxes which could pay for things like college educations, child care, universal health care, and the like—and reduce the debt at the same time. And we see also how money is laundered through the services of such agencies. If the tax dodges could be corrected then we could conceivably return the middle class to its previous gains and go a long way toward eliminating poverty in countries like the US. And the wealthy would still be very wealthy indeed. We will see if there is any political will to make those changes.

The records from Mossack Fonseca were leaked by a ‘John Doe’—an anonymous source who claimed his life was in danger for doing so. So in essence, we don’t know who accessed these records. For their part the Mossack Fonseca claims that they were hacked, and most likely by a European. They could have been hacked for all we know, and any group or nation with the requisite skills could have done it. Another troubling aspect is that the news sources who received these files have chosen to release only a small amount of them, choosing to withhold the remainder, at least for the moment. So, we do not know the full extent—not anywhere near—of what is in those files. And why would they be withholding the records? Is it pressure from ‘higher up’, is it that these news outlets want to wait for an opportune moment to release more of them, or are they actually being considerate of some of the people who are in those files, or deem the biggest part of it non-essential to release? It would be nice to know what is in those files. I think eventually we will. So far, aside from government officials and business interests we also find that the secret services of several countries have used the services of Mossack Fonseca, including top level agents of Saudi Arabia, Columbia and Rwanda, and that drug kingpins have used their services as well.
I won’t speculate on what I think the Panama Papers are all about, where they originated and what the true motive is behind the leak. I think we get the idea that not everything is what it seems with these files, but still it will do a lot of good in the long run. It will motivate the masses of citizens everywhere to demand change and transparency, as we saw in Iceland with the immediate resignation of its Prime Minister. If the leaks were meant to destabilize Russia, as some sources have claimed, then it has certainly backfired, and the collateral damage to people in Western countries has been swift and has yet to be assessed or seen in full. It will also cause unintended consequences in the long run, because once those tax loopholes are closed it will be more expensive to do business. We won’t go into all that here. One thing that probably will be already apparent is that if this one whistleblower can open up such a large can of worms with this leak, then what can we expect in the future from other such offshore organizations? Probably quite a lot, really.

In this information age the files that were leaked would fit on a hard drive. In the past it would have meant file cabinet after file cabinet of papers, or a whole heap of microfilm. In other words, a leak like this is much easier to do now, and in magnitudes of scale much larger than even 30 years ago. Should this make people nervous? Absolutely, especially if they hold such accounts overseas. It makes one wonder just how secure our data is. And this event will embolden others who have knowledge of shady activities in other areas to follow suit, or perhaps who want to take revenge on people. The workings of governments, the wealthy and corporations have suddenly become much more transparent in the past decade. This next decade will certainly be quite interesting in the world of finance, of legislation and government, given what can be revealed in a short amount of time. And journalism—real, honest journalism—has somewhat received a boost from these latest revelations, although the corporate media still has its pet stories and villains. And journalism will probably become more and more of a cooperative, group effort in the years to come, rather than the past story of the lone journalist or news outlet getting the ‘big scoop’ ahead of everyone else.

A clearer vision of our collective future and path forward is starting to emerge, especially given the past few years. We have wanted transparency in government and business for a long time, and now it is coming. It will cause strife in the immediate future, but given time we will likely see some fundamental reforms to the world financial system, with greater transparency and people and corporations paying more of their fair share. In the orthodox interpretation of Taurus, the sign is about values, self-esteem, desire, sexuality and how one is rewarded for work in the world. Its opposite sign, Scorpio, in which the moon is placed at this full moon, rules how the resources of others affect us as well as money made through contracts, aside from transformation and death. With the release of the Panama Papers we begin to get perhaps a long-range view of the changes to come in the world financial system and base, a return to a saner sense of values and a transformation, at least to a degree, of the world power base. These changes will happen over years, but the vision is coming now, which Taurus always safeguards. And when the world disciple, as represented in Scorpio, triumphs over the baser aspects of their nature, then we are all raised up in the process. We are the ‘world disciple’ and our vision of the path into the future is becoming clearer by the day. May clarity and insight be yours through this Taurus interval and into the future.

Happy full moon!


13 Apr 16