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... At 4:00 AM Damascus time (EEDT, -3:00) on the 14th of April 2018, a coalition of French, British and American air and naval forces launched a missile barrage against Syrian targets in and around Damascus, supposedly to destroy chemical weapons facilities...a chemical false flag attack was ordered by the British in Douma in an effort by rebels and their backers to draw the Western powers into a large-scale assault on Syria, with the inclusion of ground forces. It was revealed during the Ghouta offensive that the rebel forces had advanced and well stocked facilities that could be used to manufacture chemical weapons. In addition the rebel factions have a long history of using chemical weapons in Syria. The large strike by the coalition nearly happened…[Read more at Download button above]

Description of events
Chart of the event
Background of the attack
Differences in reporting to outcome
The false pretenses of the strike