There is a lot to present in this section because there is so much to Oriental systems of astrology that are little-known in the West. Over time I plan to have articles cycled in and out of this site on virtually every facet of the Eastern art, but for now we have a taste for what is to come with the articles below:

The featured article for the time being is the mid-year summary for the Year of the Fire Rooster, pt. 2.

The Imperial Astrologer, which introduces this little-known star in the Great Bear, both in terms of its astronomy and its lore

Fate Calculation, an introductory article on the subject, which was pulled and adapted from the tutorial section of The Imperial Astrologer software. OK, it’s a bit of advertising as well.

Speaking of advertising, since this is a .com site I need to display a product. The Full Moons Book is advertised on the News page. There is also a program that I co-wrote with Esoteric Technologies, The Imperial Astrologer, advertised on the article of the same name with (Advert).

Finally, there is a compilation on the Lunar Mansions, or Xiu

However, eventually I will be posting articles on the entire range of Fate Calculation and on the true Chinese astrology – the lunar mansions, the planets, phenomena such as eclipses and comets, and others.